Small Ceramic Bowl

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Small multi purpose 14cm bowl, designed for individual use or sharing condiments. A beautiful ceramic bowl, perfect for every occasion.

When looking for ceramics for his range, Tom wanted simple elegance that would offer a practical solution for serving a variety of foods.

This extraordinary bowl is the epitome of handcrafted excellence. Each bowl is skilfully thrown by hand, using only Cornish stoneware clay from St Agnes. Finished with a beautiful reactive glaze, every single bowl has a unique mix of tones and colours, making each one special and timeless.

  • Made from Cornish stoneware clay
  • Hand crafted from start to finish
  • High quality reactive glazes
  • Multipurpose use
  • Weighs 1kg
  • 5cm height x 14cm width x 14cm length
  • Made from Cornish Clay
  • Made in Shrewsbury

All measurements have been rounded up to the nearest whole number

The products included in the range include hand craftsmanship and natural products which gives the items unique colour tones and textures; meaning no two items are the same where these processes and materials have been used.


If purchasing a ceramic item please be aware that the raw clay comes from St Agnes clay pit in Cornwall and as such is a single source, buff coloured clay, that is considered brilliant for throwing and creates a strong, utilitarian vessel. Pitting can occur where tiny particles of naturally occurring quartz have melted during the kiln firing at 1250°c Each vessel is checked to ensure the glaze has not flowed into the pit, if this occurs the vessel is rejected. Occasionally dark brown or black spots appear and this is caused by the iron particles that can come to the surface during firing. Pitting and browning are natural processes and by no mean means the vessel is faulty or in need of replacement.