Santoku Knife

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The Story of Young Knives:

Young Knives was born out a love of craftsmanship and desire to produce unique beautifully crafted knives that stand the test of time. Working out of his workshop with only minimal resources, Sandy began creating knives in 2013 and has honed his skills over the years, moving from an initial hobby to a true passion. Through his love of cooking sandy started to design chef knives that would stand up to the demands of the working kitchen without sacrificing beauty in the design.

What Makes Young Knives Unique:

Young Knives are individually handcrafted knives using only British sourced materials. Each knife has been designed to perform its task to the highest degree.
From initial design to final hand finishing, each stage is carried out by Sandy to ensure that each blade is perfectly balanced to guarantee functionality at the highest standard.

Special qualities:
Fully handcrafted making every blade unique
Made from 1095 high carbon steel
Hand selected stabilised handle materials
Hand crafted spine file work
Easily maintained razor sharp edge
Triple tempered to 58-59 Hrc
Fair use lifetime guarantee

Looking after your knives:

The blade

Due to the minimum alloy and the purity of the carbon steel, the blade will naturally patina through use. This will aid in protecting the steel from corrosion, however ensuring that the blade is cleaned, dried off and stored away from moisture will protect the blade from rusting. These knives are not suitable for dishwashers.

The handle

Before leaving the workshop the handle is soaked in boiled linseed oil to help protect the material and bring out the grain of the wood. This is easily maintained by topping it up every 6 months with a small application of boiled linseed oil and a soft cloth ( ensure the cloth is washed out after each application)