Medium Enamel Baking and Roasting Tray

Expected delivery within 5-7 working days

A premium quality 35.5cm roasting and baking tray.

Made from the highest quality, thick gauge vitreous steel, this tray will not bend or twist with use in the oven or on the hob. Manufactured to the meet the most robust standards Tom demands, each tray is then hand sprayed; offering a unique touch from a master craftsman.

Designed to offer multi-purpose use; from roasting in the oven, serving at the table, it even works on induction hobs. An elegant baking tray that can be used everyday for a wide range of cooking. The large tray puts the handle at the front of the tray to make it easy to remove from the oven, small trays offer traditional side handles.

  • Ideal for top stove cooking; on gas or induction
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Will not stain or discolour
  • Unique, hand sprayed finish
  • Oven safe to 230 degrees
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Weighs 2kg
  • 6cm height x 26cm width x 36cm length
  • Made from Enamel
  • Made in Burnley
  • All measurements have been rounded up to the nearest whole numberThe products included in the range include hand craftsmanship and natural products which gives the items unique colour tones and textures; meaning no two items are the same where these processes and materials have been used.