Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Skillet Pan 10″

Expected delivery within 5-7 working days

These pans are used by Tom and his team in the Hand and flowers 2x Michelin Star restaurant; whether it is steak, fish, chicken or veg, this pan will help you achieve perfect results every time.

Made from a tri-ply combination of bonded stainless steel providing dishwasher safe, induction compatibility and thick gauge aluminium providing ideal conductivity. This pan offers smooth even heat distribution. Performing to a professional standard on both induction and gas hobs.

The pans are ergonomically designed to create the perfect balance of control and durability. The smooth feel handles have been designed to provide the optimum length for best weight distribution; each handle is riveted to the base by hand to provide extra strength.

These products are produced to the highest quality in Britain, are extremely durable and are designed to last you a lifetime of heavy use.

Made in Birmingham.

  • For use on all types of hob; including induction
  • Tri-ply stainless steel technology
  • Used by Tom’s professional chefs in the Hand and Flowers Restaurant
  • Highly tough and durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Weighs 1kg
  • 5cm height x 26cm width x 42cm including handle
  • Made in Birmingham